Network Infrastructure


Planning, Design and Implementation Services

We specialise in the provision of infrastructure in industrial and commercial premises and have developed a clear understanding of operational requirements across multiple business sectors including education, retail and manufacturing.

Invicta Data Engineering has considerable experience and expertise in the design, commissioning and trouble-shooting of local and global switched and routed internetworks.


Infrastructure Virtualisation

Windows Server & Active Directory

Secure Remote Access

Secure Remote Access

IP cctv


SMEs can maximise performance and availability whilst benefiting from rapid scalability by selective virtualization of storage, compute and switching functionality. We can supply managed vSphere, Hyper-V and Linux LXD environments with customer managed virtual guests. We are also able to supply Windows Server infrastructure design and implementation services.

We can provide secure and seamless remote access to your IT resources from any location, with full Authentication, Authorization and Accountancy (AAA) services, two-factor authentication and granular user access policies.

Our IP CCTV solutions can leverage existing network infrastructure to transmit, store, and monitor CCTV footage, reducing installation costs and eliminating the need for two separate networks.

Our systems can utilise complex video content analysis, reducing the overheads associated with monitoring CCTV. Functionalities can include motion detection, flame and smoke detection, video tracking, automatic number plate recognition and tamper detection.

We also offer high performance wireless networking solutions for mission critical applications, providing excellent coverage and seamless, secure performance for voice, video, and data. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and guest Wi-Fi services can be securely provisioned over the same infrastructure for increased productivity and return on investment.

Invicta Data Engineering are a Kent based company specialising in the provision of high-availability secure infrastructure. We pride ourselves on our technical competence, transparency and attention to detail.

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